Class hours: 9-5

Deposit required to hold a space.  

Balance due prior to day of class.

Class fees: 
Reiki 1: $125.00 / $50 deposit 
Reiki II: $225 / $100 deposit
​Reiki Master: $300 /  $150 deposit

Essential Oils: $125 / $50 deposit

Reiki Level I Class:

What is Reiki? The Reiki story

Invocation & Protection Technique’s

The Reiki Hand positions for yourself & others

Practice session to both give &  receive a Reiki treatment

3 Pillars of Reiki

Meditation to meet your Reiki Master

Introduction to the Chakra System

Hayashi Healing Guide

Reiki 1 Manual

The class’s are a combination of lecture, discussion, experience and hands on Healing.

next Reiki Level I Class -  July 31       next reiki level ii class - August 2

Reiki Master Class:

Reiki Master Sacred Symbols
Instruction on how to give Reiki attunements
Hara line/Circuit of Chi/Hui Yin
Developing your Practice/Creating a class/forms
Advanced Reiki meditation to harmonize the chakras
Reiki Practice Session
Reiki Master Manual

Essential Oils Class:

Annointing Oils
Topical application
Internal consumption
Cooking with Essential Oils
Oils for your medicine cabinet

Reiki Level II Class:

Sacred Reiki symbols & how to use them
Intro to the Violet Flame
Sound Healing Reiki meditation with the crystal singing bowls
Long Distant Healing Technique
Diving deeper into the Chakra System
Japanese Reiki Technique’s
Spirit release & cutting cords
Reiki Practice session individual & group
Reiki II manual