FAQ about Hypnotherapy:

Is hypnosis real?
Hypnosis is a therapeutic technique that has been used with proven success to treat medical and psychological disorders in millions of people.  In most cases hypnosis is a very effective form of treatment for many different disorders. 

 Is hypnosis safe?
Yes, Hypnosis is perfectly safe.  You are always in control of the situation and you are never unconscious.  Hypnosis can safely treat the physical and mental aspects of common problems like addictions, smoking, drinking, drama, anger, or any other destructive addition that you might have

Will I still be in control of myself?
Yes, be assured that you are still fully in control of yourself when you are hypnotized. You are still conscious, but your conscious mind is extremely relaxed.  No one can take control of you and make you do things while you’re hypnotized unless you allow it.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?
Everyone can be hypnotized.  Even if you have never experienced formal hypnosis, you experience states that are similar to hypnotic trance every day: zoning out, daydreaming, getting lost in a movie plot. If you are capable of these things, you can experience hypnosis. I customize the hypnotic experience based on each client's needs and personality. 

What benefits can hypnotherapy offer?
Many, from helping you relax and let go of tension to dealing with phobias, fears, obsessions, emotional and other psychological issues or ending unwanted habits. It can assist in building your self-confidence and self-esteem as well.

How long is each session?
The first appointment will probably last up to an hour and a half.  You will fill out forms to provide the information necessary for me to get to know how I can best work with you.  Subsequent appointments are an hour - but may go a little longer if it seems necessary and helpful.